The countdown clock on this website is the best place to turn to know the time of the next stream. Though at this point, the start time is absolutely not set in stone. It's often just a guess, and sometimes things come up and I delay the stream or have to skip that day altogether.

I generally start streams anywhere from 3-7a UTC and then they generally last at least a couple of hours, but can go longer if things are going well. I also haven't picked a set schedule for which days of the week I'll stream. I think I'm averaging about 3-5 days/week.

Upcoming streams:

  • Dying Light single player (French)
  • Until Dawn (French)
  • Outlast practice and insane attempts

The Last of Us (French) will likely start sometime in October.

Far Cry 4 streams are on hold as I had to send the game back. I will be finishing it sometime in the future though.

Five Nights at Freddy's is unofficially on hold. I have access to the first game (thanks Cactus!), but will likely wait until I own the rest to do another night 5 attempt (so I can go right from finishing one game to starting another). Given my backlog of games, I likely will wait for a Steam sale to buy the other FNAFs. So FNAF may well be delayed until that happens.