time to reach 10+ viewers: 16 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 438 (+33, picked up 1 in between streams)
top position in French streamer directory: #15

So to start on a technical note, I deliberately stayed out of the frame when the PS4 camera "booted" so that it would hopefully give me a zoomed out view. I dunno, but I kinda find the super zoomed in look boring. And I was wearing a brand new tshirt, so I decided I wanted to see if I could actually show it. So I think I'll keep going for the zoomed out look from here on out, especially since I tend to go out of frame when reading chat when it's zoomed in.

So this was a night where I had several games to choose from (Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed Black Flag), but no leading choice (Alien Isolation is going to be finished off later). This, of course, is the problem with getting games from a library, I have little to no control over what's available when.

Since I already had played a bit of Watch Dogs and AC4 ages ago, I was in the mood to try something new. And I figured it would be interesting to see what would happen if I played a Battlefield. Battlefield games aren't really known for their single player campaigns right? And here's me, playing some game where people are going to be expecting to see multiplayer matches.

And the question of Hardline vs BF4 frankly came down to looking at the twitch directory for each game. Basically, it looked like Hardline was less competitive, so that's what I went with.

I actually had a lot of fun, considering I'd consider the game to be somewhat run of the mill. I also really enjoyed the French dub. And the mother freaking hurricane. Can we have more severe weather in video games? Pretty pretty please? Je vous en prie.

Of course, the soft lock that caused me to lose like, dunno, an hour or two of progress totally sucked. On the plus side, given that I was on the easiest difficulty, some of the stuff I was practically able to speedrun because I had just freaking played it and knew where to go so long as a section didn't require killing everyone. And then some stuff, I got tripped up on. Like, où est la portable. It took ages to find it the first time, and I obviously did not remember when I played through the second time (blame the sleep deprivation je suppose). Or how I failed one driving section multiple times when I think I got it on the first try before. Ugh.

And it feels more and more like my French is getting better. Granted, externally does it show? Hell if I know. All, I know is that it feels more "accessible" inside of my own head. Er, yay?