time to reach 10+ viewers: 19 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 404 (+59)
top position in French streamer directory: #17

I'd be lying if I didn't mention that this stream was an absolute relief after the disappointment that was the Spanish stream of Until Dawn.

So to start on a technical note, this game screws up the ps4 camera. And it wasn't just me because I googled it (after trying everything I could think of) and apparently the game's camera support can do things like screwing with the camera zoom, or (more important to me), completely jacking the white balance. If you watch the past broadcast, at the very beginning, the zoom is screwed up (it generally zooms in on me much tighter when I'm in front of the camera), though the white balance is still okay. About 10.5 minutes into the stream, I go into the main menu, and that's when it jacks up the white balance on the camera. Lovely. Also funny to me, is that I know when the sun was starting to come up, because the white balance starts to change from this orange-redish hue to something sort of more normal looking.

Chat made this game fun for me, but I kinda hated it. I'm so used to having my hand held in terms of where to go, and there was way too much of me hunting around, completely lost, in this game. Plus... WTF. I was playing on the easiest level and often found that I'd end up in situations where I got murdered straight away. That is definitely not my impression of what the easiest level of a game is supposed to be. It kinda feels like the easiest level still requires that you basically be as stealthy as harder levels, because you're going to get killed if you get discovered, possibly just more slowly. Obviously though, I can't say for sure since I haven't tried a harder level.

I'd be curious about the harder levels, but I'm definitely not going to try it myself. Ya know, unless someone gives me some outrageous amount of money. Or chocolate.