time to reach 10+ viewers: 1 hour, 41 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 345 (-1)

Summed up, a run-in with some caffeine completely threw my sleep schedule into chaos, so I took the opportunity to try streaming in the actual morning. After the massive success that was my Until Dawn French stream, it was hard not to feel let down by the Spanish equivalent.

Granted, I can't go back in time and test streaming one of my typical successful games (and in French), but the whole thing was really depressing basically because it signaled to me that, if I drastically flip my sleep schedule (ya know, to one that sane people keep), I may well basically be starting over from scratch on Twitch. And this is something that's seriously been on my mind because winter is coming, and with the hours I've normally been keeping, come winter time, I'll hardly see the sun at all. And last winter was murder on me because of how many thick, overcast days we would have non-stop.

To be quite frank, I've been very conscious of the fact that a large amount of my Twitch success could potentially be chalked up to the fact that I stream when there is less competition. Some nights, I pick what game to stream simply based on which game's twitch directory looks less competitive. So I have a rough sense of what times of day seem to be more competitive.

If I were able to fall asleep immediately after a stream, I'd be decently content with the streaming schedule I've been keeping because I'd still be able to see enough of the sun and have plenty of daylight hours to run errands and whatnot. But I have no such luck.

Frankly, I don't know what the future holds in terms of my schedule and whether I'll ever be able to keep sane hours. At least not in this timezone.