time to reach 10+ viewers: 22 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 440 (+5, lost 3 in between streams)

Technical notes first, since I seem to love them:

I could be wrong, but it seems that, if I start a stream with the camera zoomed in, then unplugging it won't even make it start over from scratch in terms of the zoom level. This kind of sucks since I often forget to stay out of the frame when I initially boot the camera.

And this stream is kind of interesting in that, you can see my lighting setup change throughout the stream. Up until tonight, I've been working with a typical overhead light (that's in an inconvenient location in terms of the shadows it creates) and a Philips Hue light in a cheapo worklight fixture, that's mounted to a random piece of furniture in the room.

But during the stream, I unboxed my new softbox kit that's got two daylight lightbulbs. I don't know if I'm crazy about the new bulbs. They use a bucket ton of electricity and I'm not sure if they improve things enough to be worth it at this point. My original plan with the kit actually was to always just use some philips hue lights instead of what came with it. We'll see.

So on to the show.

I had no idea what to stream tonight. I knew I wanted to do something relatively short because, cough, I had other projects I needed to catch up on. So I figured, what the hell, I'd finally try Rocket League.

The drunk Scot thing was inspired by hanging out with a friend earlier and just deciding that it would be a fun night to try something different since I had no idea if anyone would watch Rocket League anyway.

And on a somewhat personal note, I managed to drive off a couple of friends with my Scottish schtick. The gist is that I was too hard to understand, I was being annoying, I wasn't funny, and I was going to alienate my non-English followers.

In terms of gameplay, eh, I'd consider it a raging success that, on my first night playing Rocket League, I managed to score more goals for my team than against them. Great success!