Clearly the most difficult situation in my life currently is how to handle these expletive deleted audio sync issues in Rock Band.

What kills me, is that I wouldn't watch my own stream. The sync issues would drive me far too nuts. So I absolutely must figure this out.

I only write this because surely, by writing this down I'll be able to figure it out.

I've basically got three different sources and of course, they can all fall out of sync with each other.

  • yeti mic - pad noises and my live commentary
  • elgato game audio
  • the webcam

Syncing the webcam and the yeti are easy enough. I've figured out to do the clap test. I basically just clap my hands together while being easily visible on webcam.

I'm trying to figure out the quickest way though to sync the yeti with the game audio. What I realized tonight, is that singing along is probably actually the best way to accomplish this. Like, with a drum beat, I could actually be several seconds behind and appear to be perfectly synced just because there's so much repetition in a drum pattern. But singing? No way. So yeah, I'm gonna have to deliberately sing on stream to just figure out the sync issues more easily.

I did think of one overall workaround. If I can get the audio from the TV into the computer, surely that would be fairly synced with the yeti without much work. It would be analog most likely though, but I'd probably far rather have "dirty" audio than out of sync audio.

Of course, I seem to also be experiencing some drifting during a session. Frankly, at this point, I have no idea what device(s) are drifting though. I'll be happy if I can at least figure out a semi hassle free way of figuring out the sync issues, then I'll handle figuring out the drift (throwing the elgato device in the river is the first thing that comes to mind).

Hey, wait. I've got one more method for game audio/mic audio sync that would be slightly harder to follow but wouldn't require singing: just blast the TV through the mic temporarily. And if I can get those in perfect sync then... magic!