time to reach 10+ viewers: 1 hour, 2 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 273 (+25)
peak streamer position in French directory: #19

Well, so yeah, I'm writing this like 10 days after it actually happened, so it's mostly a blur, but if I remember right, at the point that I was thinking about stopping the stream, not much had happened, but whatever occurred (since I can't remember at this point), I kept on and had a great stream. I eventually even ending up deciding to play Whistleblower on a whim for the second time ever. Well, I guess it was technically the third time if you count the joke attempt I did at playing Whistleblower on insane during this same stream. The insane attempt was basically a blind run since it had been around a year since I had played Whistleblower the first time.

Oh, and to explain why this broadcast is 4 bits. I had completely forgotten that I soft locked the game in the credits. So....

  1. normal playthrough
  2. transcoding kicks in - broadcast ends when I get soft locked in the credits
  3. continued broadcast
  4. transcoding kicks in again