time to reach 10+ viewers: 12 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 248 (+30)
peak streamer position in French directory: #18

So since I was slacking on adding past broadcasts, this entry also serves as commentary for the September 2nd and 3rd broadcasts.

So let me just say. Wow.

To be frank, I had kinda started to wonder if the glory days were over after having several streams in a row that really lacked any sort of forward momentum. But wow. This sure changed things around mentally.

3 streams. Roughly 17 hours of Dying Light. 97 new followers. Number of zombies slaughtered: well, actually I wasn't killing that many to be honest. My weapons suck so I still only tend to kill those things that I absolutely must. Anywho.

the game

I don't think I've ever felt so dumb so many times in one game. This game is full of parkour puzzles. And I was seriously failing the tutorial section, so many times. It was embarrassing and frustrating.

I'm also not a fan of the controls. To me, R1 to jump just doesn't make intuitive sense. And it also feels like the controls are fairly unforgiving in terms of timing. It feels like you often have to get the timing and the angles just right. And I don't feel like I'm getting better as time goes on, either.

the French

At least I am feeling like I'm progressing with French. The weird thing about learning via the immersion method is that you have no road markers to tell you how you're doing. And recently, I feel like I've jumped ahead suddenly in how much French I can understand.

And I decided to see if I could commentate more in French, because hey, I actually would love to do a French-only stream sometime in the future. If I had to do it now though, it would mostly be me just saying "putain" randomly.

And it's kind of interesting how polarizing I seem to be with people. Or at least to the ones who comment in chat. For the most part, the feedback has been positive and encouraging in terms of the fact that I'm a foreigner stumbling through a difficult language. But jeebs, some of the commenters make it seem as though my command of French and my accent are so bad that it's like I killed their dog or something.

I feel like the feedback has been somewhat more negative than when I was streaming Far Cry 4 in French. There'd be two potential theories for that.

One, it could just simply be the fact that I've had more viewers in general. And the more viewers, the more likely it is that one or more of them will be trolls.

Two, would be that with Far Cry, it was "ENG plays FR" and now it's "ENG apprende FR". I can already say that the title has definitely made a difference in the amount of times I've been asked "why are you playing this in French?" Now, people seem to intuit that I'm doing it to learn the language. But point here being that, I'm specifically announcing in my title that I'm not fluent, thus possibly attracting more people who want to give a foreigner a hard time.

In a way, doing this is kind of like language learning on hard mode. I'm pretty sure most adults shy away from learning a new language because, who wants to be a grown adult who can't even speak as well as a child? Who wants to endure all of that ridicule and be thought stupid? Well, in the real world, I'd tend to think that we are our own worst critics. But hey, on twitch, the waters are full of sharks who are going to pounce on you for whatever trivial reason they can find. And I just gave them an easy thing to target.

a new setup

So, at the start of this block of Dying Light streams, I also moved the PS4 to a different room. There are things that totally suck about the new location, but I won't actually specify most of them, since they'd reveal how much of a fixer-upper I live in. But the one that I can actually fix is the lighting situation. In my bedroom, I was blessed by having an overhead light that was decently far away from me (the closer the light source, the harsher the light) and a light that was pretty much centered, such that it lit my face fairly evenly.

But not in this room. The overhead light is so much closer (harsh) and is at a severe angle. It's not flattering. And during this stream, it was driving me nuts because I had a stray chunk of hair that was casting a big shadow on my forehead.

What sucks is that I actually own a Philips Hue light (the Go) that would probably be perfect as a "key" light. Its shell actually does a pretty good job at diffusing the light so that there are no harsh shadows. The huge problem is that it was never made to be mounted on something. And I haven't been able to think of what I'd use to raise it up and then point it down at me (having the light beneath me casts unflattering shadows on my face).

I'll have to figure it out. Because sadly, it was really really really obnoxious to me to look at the webcam overlay and see that bizarre shadow on my forehead. And if my light had been coming from the direction I want... that never would've been an issue. First world problems. Amiright?

Moving my setup has been a huge win in terms of frustration levels, and time it takes me to setup/teardown before and after a stream. I love it.

Now to just fix the lighting situation.