time to reach 10+ viewers: 1 hour, 22 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 151 (+3, lost 1 between streams)

Wow. So my brain hurts, but I did finally figure out my audio trick towards the end. In fact, I'm documenting it at the end of this page, because I know I'm bound to forget.

So, the whole theme was suppose to be Satan Plays Outlast. Instead it was 30 minutes of me futzing around at the beginning and sending feedback into my ears (never did figure it out with the equipment I started with, had to use one of my old audio interfaces to eventually pull it off). And then I turned my lights red, but alas, the ps4 camera refused to pick it up as anything but pink regardless of its actual color in real life, so I ended up just going back to normal lighting.

So for most of the night, I was using a satan-based stream title, with no satanic premise. Or something.

And then near the end. Oy vey. I soft locked the game. Walrider got me because I couldn't quite remember the route and then, black screen of death. Scary noises, but blackness. I suppose it works as a really bizarre alternate ending at least. Given my general frustration with the night, I decided to end the stream there, rather than have to close/reopen the Outlast app on the PS4 and boot the stream back up.

But then I started playing with the audio again. I had at least figured out how to test most of it without being live. And using different equipment than what I had started with, I was able to get the satanic voice effect that I had wanted... without sending loads of feedback into my ears.

So I decided to start the stream back up to test it live and then to finish the game. And oy. I soft locked it again.

So all in all, in took 3 freaking segments to finish the game.

On a side note, I'm realizing that I'm reaching the end of my tether in terms of streaming from my freaking bedroom.

It was just sort of something that happened, because that's where the PS4 was at the time, but it was never officially my intention to turn my bedroom into a streaming room. Basically I have a TV and my PS4 in my bedroom. It's a very unofficial setup, the TV is oriented strangely on a bookshelf and then the PS4 is on one of the bookshelves below it. The bookshelf wasn't designed to ventilate electronics, so I've got the PS4 in a really awkward configuration to make sure there's enough airflow at the back of it.

And it was okay when I started. I streamed with my Blue Yeti. It was one mic to drag around and move into my bedroom temporarily. One USB cable to connect to the PS4.

But things have just grown so out of control. I've got a USB mixer and my laptop and it feels like there's 3 million different cables going everywhere. And the stuff is on my bed. So guess what? I get to move all of it everytime I stop streaming, so that I can ya know... sleep on my bed.

And it just drives me absolutely bonkers to have to do all of that setup and teardown every time I stream.

I've got other places I could stream from, but outside noises and having a camera complicates finding a proper location.

At the same time, I'm also wanting to try a music stream at some point which will likely require room enough for a keyboard (the piano kind, not the typing kind). And my current setup downstairs (which is itself very unofficial) is out because there isn't room enough for a keyboard there. Frankly, I think I also just enjoy having a change of pace from where the things are downstairs.

The whole thing is a mess, but it's going to have to be solved soon lest I lose my sanity. Plus, it kind of sucks that things like my laptop (where I read chat) are not at a decent height. So I'm leaning over all of the time off camera to read. Which also means I'm farther away from the microphone, thus increasing the chances I won't be heard / heard clearly.

I'm actually considering switching to something like a monitor with the PS4 instead of a traditional TV so that I'm closer and then I could have my laptop at a far more comfortable eye level. But frankly, I sometimes feel like I have less eye strain because my TV and laptop are at different distances. It prevents me from focusing my eyes at the same distance for too long. Frankly, I was shocked that I pulled off the 12 hour stream of Far Cry without a major headache or anything. I really don't think that same thing would've occurred had I had everything on one desk in front of me.

So I really have no idea what I'm going to do. If I didn't have to go buy new furniture to try some of these things, I'd probably just move things and see what happens.

If it weren't for the Dying Light stream tomorrow, I'd probably start seriously considering moving stuff around now to try and figure out where my best streaming location if (or most acceptable as "best" feels like the wrong word when every location is a compromise of some type). Ugh.

How I got the satan voice

I have the mixer setup with the mic set to send its signal to the auxiliary bus.

The auxiliary out is routed to a line-in jack on an audio interface. The gain on the audio interface itself is currently at about the halfway mark. I also turned off direct monitoring on the audio interface.

This audio interface connects to my mac via USB.

I used my copy of Propellerheads Reason to do the voice altering. It's a simple patch that calls upon two instances of Neptune for pitch altering.

The headphone jack on the audio interface is then routed back into one of the stereo channels on the mixer.

To toggle between normal voice and satan voice, I just have the volume faders for each track wherever they need to be. Both are set to route to the record bus (this is how I'm able to listen to the game audio through the mixer without it being sent back into the stream). Then, to toggle, just mute one and then unmute the other. Simples. Kappa.