peak twitch viewers: 20
time to reach 10+ viewers: 17 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 149 (+7, lost 1 between streams)

I'm starting to wonder if maybe the "back to school" effect is now kicking in. I hadn't thought much about it, but I had come across it on /r/twitch. And given that this Saturday was roughly the same setup as the previous Saturdays (granted, I did start later) but didn't feel as successful, it does kinda make me wonder if school schedules are changing things up a bit. Could be coincidence. I don't know. What's kind of funny is that I was kind of thinking that I'd start planning for one moderately long stream per week 3-6 hours and probably pick Saturdays to do that since long-ish streams on Saturdays had had decent luck so far. Now, I'm kinda rethinking that.

So apparently choosing to let the game auto-drive while I took a break was a great success. I ran over a civilian (a Sherpa) which apparently deactivated the auto-drive. And then I sat there as enemies pulled up behind me, proceeded to nearly kill me, until some rebels randomly showed up to save the day. I returned from my real life break to a black and white screen (meaning I was close to death), having zero clue what had actually happened. Thanks to watching the mini map in the past broadcast, now I know. I mean, come on, at least the guy shooting at me could've done it to my face so it would've been interesting. Instead, my character to just stared ahead looking at absolutely nothing of value. Until a random jaguar ran in front of the car. That's Far Cry for you.