start time: 2015-08-28 00:39:00 -0500
stop time: 2015-08-28 05:18:00 -0500
duration: 4+ hours

peak twitch viewers: 40 according to ps4 overlay, but 36 according to local data
time to reach 10+ viewers: 37 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 140 (+26)

Mother fudging transcoding.

Of the nights I've gotten transcoding, this was the first case where I lost a pretty large chunk of my VOD (like 1-2 minutes), whereas there's always been an overlap before. I guess this makes sense because refreshing the stream did not work. For anyone. I continued to stay offline.

To recap, for non-partnered streams, transcoding seems to kick in around 21-22 viewers. IMHO, it's always a bad thing. Why? You lose all of your viewers temporarily. And in my experience, you go from that 20+ number, to often being stuck in the single digits unless you stream long enough to hopefully get back to where you were.

See, it appears that, for most people, the stream does not automatically restart. So for anyone not actively reading chat (or frankly, not actively watching the stream), they're just going to think that the stream is offline.

And tonight, all of the "refresh refresh refresh" in chat didn't help, because I was legit offline for a few minutes. Thanks twitch.

Really, I'm ticked because it happened in the middle of a tense moment. I luckily happened to pause after the tense moment (and then noticed that transcoding had kicked in), so I could've lost even more, but ugh. Just ugh.

This is the risk of the direct-from-PS4 stream, there's no local recording. There's no way to recover the missing time.

Thank goodness this wasn't a proper speedrun, eh?

And since there's no way to opt-out of transcoding, the only "solution" is to magically hit that 21+ number early enough into the stream that nothing of value is lost in the transcoding exodus. Um yeah, I'll get right on that.

So yeah, 6 total attempts (3 legit ones) and no insane/psychose victory yet.

Let's recap:

  • attempt #1: death by leap of faith (FOR SCIENCE)
  • attempt #2: death by chris in courtyard
  • attempt #3: death from lack of hiding in locker
  • attempt #4: fuse trouble
  • attempt #5: suicide by scaffolding (science)
  • attempt #6: another suicide by scaffolding (more science)

So, in my eyes, 3 legit attempts, 3 legit deaths. Will my next night bring a success? Who knows.