start time: 2015-08-22 22:35:00 -0500
stop time: 2015-08-23 10:56:00 -0500
duration: 12+ hours

peak twitch viewers: 37 (though it was more so like 20 something through most of it)
time to reach 10+ viewers: 28 minutes
number of followers at end of stream: 106

Geesh. So much to talk about.

So I guess the first thing would be followers. I made it to 100 followers during this stream. Super cool.

Prior to this, I had 78. I knew that I had created my account on July 25th, so I knew that the 24th would be the last day I could stream if I wanted to be able to say that I made it to 100 followers in my first month on twitch. And I really wanted to make a serious attempt at it. I was planning to stream Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday (Monday being the 24th). Friday was out because it hurt to speak. And though I was still iffy about my voice on Saturday, I knew how much success I had had with the previous week's stream, so I decided to go for it.

And dayum. I got all of the followers I needed all in one night.

I might do a separate post on the road to 100 followers, but the whole thing is basically still sort of surreal. This isn't my first attempt at twitch. And though this is a brand new account, I did bring a few really good friends along for the ride who have been a HUGE help. So it's not like I magically got to 100 followers in less than a month on twitch. I've been fairly strategic about things. But that's a story for another post.

Originally, my goal had been to just reach 100 followers by the end of August. But when I realized it was theoretically doable in my first month, I went for it. Another August goal had also been to have 25 simultaneous viewers. And with this stream, I made that goal too. Wowsa.

I also got the lovely transcoding. For me, it seems to kick in whenever I hit 21-22 viewers. This is the third time I've had transcoding. At least this time, I kept on streaming long enough that I finally did make it make to pre-transcoding numbers (transcoding always results in me losing at least 50% of my viewers.

Somewhat hilariously, I got transcoding in the middle of talking about transcoding. Does this count as meta?

And my first 12+ hour stream. How did this happen? Simple:

  • I knew I wanted to make a big push to get to 100 followers
  • there was one point where I considered stopping, but I had 96, so I kept going, especially given that I didn't know if I'd even have a voice the next day
  • once I got to 100, I didn't want to ever drop below 100 (due to unfollows), so I wanted to get at least like 103 or something
  • by the time I had a decent amount, I had a lot of viewers
  • at the point where viewership was dropping off enough to make me think it was time to finally stop, a 12 hour stream was within reach, so I wanted to go for that just to say that I had done it

I can't remember what my simultaneous viewer count was at the point that I stopped, but frankly viewer numbers are something that really keeps me going when I possibly shouldn't.

See I always call it the snowball effect. If you're a beginning streamer, every individual stream is like a new snowball: you start with very few viewers (I'm blessed to have at least a friend or two who is available to watch though). But as you add viewers, it pushes you up in the listings for that game. So, the more viewers you get, er, the more viewers you get!

So why would I stop when I have 20+ viewers? This is the best time to grow that silly snowball and get noticed by more and more people such that eventually I'll theoretically have enough followers such that I don't feel like I'm having to start the snowball from scratch each time. So anyways. That's how I ended up with an accidental 12 hour stream.

In terms of ill effects, I'm quite shocked to have found that I still have my voice the next day, especially given all of the problems leading up to it (though I still took the next night off and tried to rest my voice as much as possible).

I also found that my legs were really starting to hurt. Part of that was probably the fact that I stayed up way longer than my normal bedtime. But really, it was the fact that I was sitting for most of the 12 hours that I streamed. I didn't take enough breaks (again, an issue of not wanting to drive away viewers), and I didn't stand up enough.

I also found I had tremendous stomach pain toward the end. Frankly, it was a much bigger motivator to quit than the leg pain. See, I've basically learned that if I sit for too long in any sort of restrictive clothing, I start to get stomach pains. So heaven help me if I ever have to do a 24 hour stream. I guess I'll be wearing pyjamas.

So yeah. To sum up, I'm basically seriously considering trying to plan for one decently long stream once a week (like say in the 6 hour range though), because so far, it's been the 6+ hour streams that have netted me the most followers. Though to be fair, this is also simply the fact that, when I have more simultaneous viewers, I'm far more likely to keep going. Ergo, my most successful streams end up becoming the longest ones, and not necessarily the other way around. Anywho.