start time: 2015-08-19 02:11:00 -0500
stop time: 2015-08-19 05:26:00 -0500
duration: 3+ hours (with like 20+ minutes of futzing around at the start)

peak twitch viewers: 8 (per chatty logs)
peak hitbox viewers: 2 (unofficially from glancing at chat once or twice)
time to reach 10+ viewers: NA
number of followers at end of stream: 56

So a couple of firsts on this one:

  • first PC game stream
  • first time streaming standing up
  • first time using the new mixer
  • first time doing prestream music using a karaoke filter (so important)

Where to start. How about the standing up? I've had unofficial standing desk situations in the past and they worked well enough. But a huge difference is that I wasn't at the computer for long stretches of time. Like, I'd be up and walking around and brainstorming away from the computer.

It didn't work so well tonight. Basically, I've got the computer on a utility shelf that was never intended to be used as a computer desk. Still, it's what I have to work with for where the streaming/gaming computer currently is.

See, nothing is at the right height. The monitor is too low and the keyboard and mouse are not really at a good position. It's fine when it's just being used as a streaming computer. As a gaming computer, though? Nope.

I ended up alternating standing with sitting on a bar stool. It sort of worked. But the bar stool is too hard so then I'd have to go back to standing to give my poor backside a break.

So ultimately, this is going to have to be fixed. Either with a proper height standing desk, or with a proper height for use with an exercise ball. However, I'll probably survive the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's stream as is.

The karaoke. For the heck of it, I've decided that I'm going to start running prestream music through filters of various sorts. One of them being the so-called karaoke effect. Why? Because.

So for a nerdy tangent, the karaoke effect is actually OOPS - out of phase stereo. You start with two channels, you invert one side, and then sum to mono. This is how the traditional effect works. Basically, when you invert, anything that was "equal" on both sides will be cancelled out. So it basically removes anything that was panned dead center. It seldom ever works really well, but I find it interesting to listen to nonetheless.

I'm also curious as to what filters might get past automatic copyright detection. And now that youtube has finished processing the video, I can say that karaoke didn't do it. Twitch only seemed to care about an Emma Bunton song, but Youtube detected that same song as well as songs from Kylie Minogue, Máire Brennan, and Shakira all with the karaoke effect applied.

The computer. I'm still convinced that there's something wrong with my system that wasn't there before the reinstall, but I did at least figure one thing out tonight, apparently I should've been plugging into the HDMI port on the graphics card itself, not the one on the motherboard. Frankly, I'm not even sure why I ever plugged into the MB, possibly because I wasn't getting a picture at all when I was installing from scratch... I have no recollection at this point.

But switching that increased the framerate a lot. BUT. There's still all sorts of glitches that I don't remember ever running into way back when, on a previous OS build.

The mixer. I'll do a full post at some point, but I've decided to pursue audio mixers for several reasons. The huge one simply being that I want to live monitor the audio levels that the stream hears, basically me vs. the game volume. I often find that when I go back and watch a past broadcast, I'm often not loud enough to my liking. I try to check in on my stream from time to time to see what the audio levels are like, but this is inefficient and it's also impossible for me to know if I'm loud enough if the game audio suddenly gets a lot louder (like during an intense boss battle).

It was so freeing to be able to immediately know what the audio balance was. Game too loud? No problem, I can immediately mess with the volume knob and fix it.

I'd love to find a mixer that's compatible with the PS4 just so I can have the flexibility to use any XLR mic, and possibly pipe in external audio, but it's such a niche usage that basically the only way to know if a USB mixer is going to work with the PS4, is to simply buy one and try it. Oy. And unfortunately, the mixer that I bought is not compatible. I'd love to find something compatible, but I'm not crazy about the idea of potentially paying a bunch of restocking fees just to find one.