start time: 2015-08-19 23:19:00 -0500
stop time: 2015-08-20 06:14:00 -0500
duration: ~7 hours

peak twitch viewers: 19 (per chatty logs, though it was probably 20+ since I got transcoding)
time to reach 10+ viewers: unknown (chatty logs are imprecise)
number of followers at end of stream: 74

OMG. How hilarious is it that there are so many FNAF themed twitch accounts? They're people who presumably love the game so much that they have created twitch accounts specifically named after the characters, and will pop into your chat and try to freak you out. Too funny.

I got transcoding during this one, so I'm pretty sure I hit 20+ simultaneous viewers again (though I'm writing this many days later and can't remember, so I only have the chatty logs to go on). Transcoding continues to be a curse because viewers never seem to ever grow back to the levels that they were pre-transcoding. Until I'm at the point where I could basically get transcoding before I start for real... I frankly just wish I could opt out of transcoding altogether. It's more of a curse than anything.

In terms of the actual game, it was fun but, at the same time, I got kind of self conscious streaming it. I mean, after a point, I was just doing the same thing again and again and just hoping that it would work. I didn't feel like I was being very entertaining. And I never did beat the game. Oy. I'll definitely buy/stream the others, but I'm not yet eager to do so.